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America's National Parks  美國國家公園

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America's National Parks  美國國家公園
by Ivy Liu

National parks help people understand their heritage, as well as their identity and legacy.

  If you have ever found yourself watching the sunset over the sea, standing alone in the woods, or looking out over a mountain in awe to the point of crying, you have very likely felt the sublime. For the 18th century Romantics, the sublime was something experienced through the vastness and beauty of nature. It is one's experience of realizing there are things that are much larger than one ever imagined in our world. There are many scenic wonders on Earth offering awe-inspiring views. Luckily, they have been designated national parks. Some of the most impressive ones can be found in the United States.
  National Geographic Society played a major role in creating the National Parks Service (NPS) back in 1916. In 1888, the National Geographic Society was founded when the United States had only one national park, and the first in the world — Yellowstone. Industrialist Stephen Mather lobbied for a federal agency in 1915 to oversee and protect the parks. He organized a trip for reporters and businessmen, including National Geographic editor Gilbert H Grosvenor, to the mountains of Sierra Nevada. Grosvenor was so impressed that he helped draft the law that would later help establish the NPS.
  In honor of the centennial anniversary of the NPS, National Geographic Channel (NGC) has prepared a series to display America's 59 spectacular national parks. More than three years in the making, America's National Parks aims to fill you with breathtaking astonishment. The show also wants audiences to witness dramatic moments of each park's wildlife. From the geysers of Yellowstone to the Grand Canyon, one of the biggest gorges on Earth, NGC hopes to show you an experience you'll never forget.

  1. heritage n. 傳統(不可數);遺產
    The mysterious ritual is recognized as part of the cultural heritage of the country.
  2. legacy n. 遺產;留給後人的事物
    Distant relatives tried to claim part of that rich man's legacy.
  3. scenic a. 風景的
    衍: scene n. 場面;景象
    I was really impressed by some of the scenic effects in the film.
    The suspect insisted that he'd never been to the scene of the crime.
  4. wonder n. 奇觀
    The Egyptian pyramids are one of the most famous man-made wonders of the world.
  5. awe-inspiring a. 令人敬畏/驚歎的
    The awe-inspiring opera left audiences completely speechless.
  6. designate vt. 選定,指派;標明
    衍: designate sb to V  指派某人從事……
    designate sb (as) + 職位  指派某人某職位
    The official designated his secretary to act for him at the conference.
    Mr. Johnson has been designated (as) chairman of the fundraising activities for the campaign.
  7. agency n.(政府的)機構;代辦處
    衍: a news / travel / headhunting agency  通訊社/旅行社/獵人頭公司
    A social service agency placed the orphan with a foster family.
    *foster a. 收養的
  8. oversee vt. 監督,監管(三態為:oversee, oversaw, overseen。)
    The couple hired a wedding coordinator to oversee every detail of their wedding ceremony and reception.
  9. draft vt. 草擬(= draft up);(運動)選拔……進職業隊;徵召 & n. 草稿
    Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence.
    The young man was drafted by the army to the front line.
    I turned in the final draft of my essay this morning.
  10. display vt. 展現/示
    The skirt displayed in the window attracted the attention of every girl that passed by.
  11. spectacular a. 壯觀的,精彩的
  12. breathtaking a. 驚人的
    The view of the valley from the top of the mountain is breathtaking.
  13. astonishment n. 驚奇,驚訝
    衍: to one's astonishment  令某人驚奇的是
    To the audience's astonishment, the magician appeared again after the fire disappeared.
  14. witness vt. 目擊 & n. 證人;證明
    Did you witness the murder yourself?
    The witness was asked to take an oath before testifying.
    *take an oath  發誓句句屬實
    testify vi. 作證
  15. dramatic a. 給人印象深刻的;戲劇性的,驚人的
    衍: dramatically adv. 顯著/重大地;戲劇性地
    The soap opera was scripted to be dramatic to keep the viewers interested.
    Since moving to the countryside, Peter's health has improved dramatically.

sublime n. 雄偉,壯觀;崇高,高尚
Romantic n. 浪漫主義者
vastness n. 巨大
industrialist n. 實業家,工業家
衍: entrepreneur n. 企業家
lobby vi. & vt. 遊說(國會議員)& n. 大廳
federal a. 聯邦的,聯邦政府的
centennial n. 一百年(紀念)
geyser n. 間歇泉;熱水器(英式用法)
the Grand Canyon  大峽谷國家公園
canyon n.(寬而廣的)峽谷
gorge n.(小而深的)峽谷

  1. in awe  驚歎地;崇敬地
    awe n. 驚歎;崇敬
    衍: be in awe of... 對……感到敬畏
    hold sb in awe 令某人敬畏
    Because of Bruce's reputation as a famous professor, we were all in awe of him.
    I was held in awe by the breathtaking view of Niagara Falls.
  2. to the point of...  到……的程度
    The volcanic pressure has increased to the point of eruption.
  3. play a role / part in...  在……方面有重要性;參與……
    Matt played a role in getting our business off the ground.
    *get... off the ground  (順利)展開……
  4. in honor of...  向……表示敬意
    The city government erected a statue in the park in honor of the hero.
    *erect vt. 豎立
  5. aim to V  旨在……,以……為目的
    The article aims to emphasize the importance of environmental protection.

  1916 年,國家地理學會在創建美國國家公園管理局(NPS)時扮演著重要的角色。國家地理學會於 1888 年創立,當時美國僅有一座國家公園(且是全球首座)——
黃石國家公園。實業家史蒂芬•馬瑟在 1915 年時遊說成立一個聯邦機構來監督及保護公園。他為記者和商界人士(包括《國家地理》雜誌編輯吉爾伯特 H 格羅夫納)安排了一趟前往內華達山脈的旅行。格羅夫納對此感到相當印象深刻,因此他幫忙草擬了一份在往後有助於建立美國國家公園管理局的法規。




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