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A French National Treasure Is Back from the Brink 法國國寶女歌手 從死亡邊緣歸來

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2018/05/25 第217期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份
紐時周報精選 A French National Treasure Is Back from the Brink 法國國寶女歌手 從死亡邊緣歸來
Barcelona Mayor's Race Tempts a French Politician 法國前總理 想選巴塞隆納市長
A French National Treasure Is Back from the Brink 法國國寶女歌手 從死亡邊緣歸來
文/Agnès C. Poirier

"Bob Dylan refused to go back onstage unless I came to see him immediately,"Françoise Hardy recalled in a recent interview. On the evening of May 24, 1966, Dylan's 25th birthday, he was playing his first concert in Paris and wanted nothing more than to see the then-22-year-old French singer, whom he had dedicated a song to but never met.

"I went and he agreed to go back onstage," she said. A few months earlier, while in London, Hardy had turned the heads of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, John Lennon and Brian Jones. Singing in French, English, Italian and German, the shy beauty and talented French songwriter cast a spell on many of her contemporaries — and over France for nearly 60 years.



Hardy's memoir, "The Despair of Monkeys and Other Trifles," is being published in English this month, and in the United States, her new album, "Personne d'Autre" ("Nobody Else"), has just been released. It is her 28th and the first after six years of silence during which Hardy fell gravely ill. She learned she had lymphatic cancer in 2014; her health declined; and in 2016, she was placed in a coma from which doctors thought she would never wake up.

Against all odds, Hardy has returned and recovered her sensually adolescent voice, and her taste for writing. Her airy, timeless and elegant album is perhaps a literal "au revoir," as in "see you again soon," to life and loved ones.



Hardy is well versed in singing about partings and beginnings. In 1968, at age 24, she rose to the top of French and British pop charts with "It Hurts to Say Goodbye," written by Serge Gainsbourg. Ever since, she has been a French national treasure, known as much for her long androgynous silhouette, austere elegance and melancholic songs as for her wit and forthright intelligence.

In her memoir, Hardy examines what it meant to shoot to fame at 17 and what it feels like having been an icon in France for nearly six decades. The literary critic Bernard Pivot called the book "a brave confession both painful and invigorating."



Born in 1944 in Paris, Hardy was the daughter of a beautiful young working-class woman and her much older and wealthy lover, a married man who never lived with his secret family, and came out as gay in his later years.

Hardy grew up fast. At 16, she received a guitar as a reward for good marks at school and started writing songs. A year later, after a few auditions, and music lessons, the record label Vogue offered her a contract. The whirlwind of the swinging '60s, which she lived through in Paris and London, did the rest.



Barcelona Mayor's Race Tempts a French Politician 法國前總理 想選巴塞隆納市長
文/Raphael Minder

Manuel Valls, a former prime minister of France who now finds himself largely on the sidelines there, has identified a path for a political rebound: as a potential candidate for mayor of Barcelona, Spain.

Valls, who was born in Barcelona, told Spanish national television that he was considering a bid to take charge of Catalonia's capital city, running as a candidate for the Ciudadanos party, which has emerged as the strongest bulwark against secessionism.



Spain has "a constitution that is among the most democratic in the world, but there isn't any possibility for Catalonia to get out of Spain," said Valls, who was born to a Catalan father and a Swiss mother who eventually settled in France.

Municipal elections will be held in Catalonia and across Spain next year, after a botched declaration of independence last year by the separatist parties that control Catalonia's regional Parliament.



Valls, 55, was prime minister of France from 2014 to 2016 and was once seen as the main challenger and possible successor to former President François Hollande, but his hopes faltered when he lost in the primary elections of Hollande's Socialist party and then refused to support the party's chosen candidate.

Instead, he threw his support behind the new party formed by Emmanuel Macron, who was later elected president, and Valls won re-election to the French Parliament as an independent lawmaker.



In December, pro-independence parties retained their narrow majority in the Catalan Parliament in an election called by Rajoy. Rajoy's Popular Party came last in the vote, while Ciudadanos emerged as the largest single party.

Under Spanish law, residents who are citizens of another European country can run for office in municipal elections, as long as they meet the local standard for residency, but separatist politicians attacked Ciudadanos for trying to parachute Valls into Barcelona's top job.

Neus Munté, a Catalan politician who backs secession, told local reporters that "a candidate for City Hall must feel the city of Barcelona as if it were his — and somebody who hasn't lived in it for many years cannot know its reality and what worries citizens.






comeback為一名詞,在文中意指「復出」或「東山再起」,常跟動詞make或stage搭配使用,計畫復出的英文則是plot a comeback,而一般我們常聽到的復出巡迴演出,英文則為comeback tour。此外,comeback另個常見意思為「逆轉勝」或「翻盤」。

至於市長選舉的英文除了文中municipal election外,還可用mayoral election,而形容詞municipal源自拉丁語的municipalis,意為自由城鎮,意思近於urban,名詞形式為municipality,直轄市的英文則為direct-controlled municipality。

throw support behind意指支持,例如,全力支持經濟改革就是throw full support behind economic reform。

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