2016年10月4日 星期二

Undercover Angel  臥底天使

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2016/10/04 第283期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份直接訂閱

Undercover Angel  臥底天使
by Ivy Liu

These philanthropists use their resources and wealth to make lasting changes in the world.

  It goes without saying that the rich can live comfortably. They can afford what many of us only dream of having, like a luxury car, or a beautiful summer home. These material things, however, are superficial and have little impact on the world. Some billionaires hoard their money, contributing to the growing gap between the rich and the poor in the world. This is evident as the world's top 1% has US$42.7 trillion, which is more than the combined wealth of the bottom three billion people. Then there are others who engage in charitable activities, donating a big part of their wealth for worthy causes. For example, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda, have used their foundation to support global health, education, emergency relief, and more.
  A new series by National Geographic Channel (NGC) called Undercover Angel follows those wealthy few who have decided to give back to society. Instead of simply donating money, these patrons temporarily give up their luxuries to go undercover in communities that need assistance. From there, they experience firsthand the environments of those they want to help and figure out how to create sustainable change for the community. In one episode, property developer Lawrence Kenwright helps to build a playground for disabled children for KIDS, a charity for disabled children, in Hackney, UK. Knowing this branch has been facing financial difficulties, Kenwright sets up a fund and donates around US$30,000. Playground manager Claira Scott-Gray, moved by his generosity, tearfully says, "It's rewarding when other people can see the value of what you do and how important it is." Watch this and other heartwarming stories this month on NGC's Undercover Angel.

  1. undercover a. 祕密的,暗中進行的
  2. lasting a. 永久的;持久的
    Susan's greatest desire is to make a lasting contribution to modern literature.
  3. material a. 物質的
    Irene pursued material things like money, fancy cars, and property.
  4. superficial a. 膚淺的,表面的
    That kind of gossip magazine is often perceived as superficial.
    *perceive vt. 理解;察覺
  5. evident a. 明顯的,明白的
    衍: be evident in...  展現/印證在……
    The singer's popularity is evident in her record sales.
  6. trillion n. 兆
  7. combine vt. 結合
    衍: combine A with / and B  結合 A 與 B
    This play combines a Greek tragedy with a Broadway musical.
  8. donate vt. 捐獻,捐贈
    Sam donated a lot of money to charity in his father's name.
    *in sb's name  以某人的名義
  9. foundation n. 基金會;基礎
    The foundation is calling for nationwide participation in the war against drugs.
  10. temporarily adv. 暫時地
    衍: temporary a. 暫時的
    In order to take care of her baby, Natalie left her job temporarily.
    Some people treat depression as a temporary problem.
  11. assistance n. 協助
    The police asked their counterparts in Japan for assistance in solving the case.
    *counterpart n. 相對應的人/事/物
  12. firsthand adv. 第一手地,直接地
    I got the news firsthand from Patrick that he is quitting.
  13. sustainable a. 能持續的
    Agriculture in this area isn't sustainable due to the harsh climate.
  14. financial a. 財務的;金融的
    衍: financially adv. 財務上,經濟上
    The company is struggling to overcome its financial difficulties.
    Lola no longer relies on her parents financially now that she has a job.
  15. generosity n. 慷慨
    衍: generous a. 慷慨的,大方的
    Amanda was grateful for the stranger's generosity but didn't know how to pay him back.
    Billy is very generous in that he always shares everything with his friends.
  16. rewarding a. 有報酬的;有益的
    The job was by no means easy, but it was rewarding.
    *by no means  絕不
  17. value n. 價值(觀)
  18. heartwarming a. 溫馨感人的
    This movie is a heartwarming tale about a girl and her faithful dog.

philanthropist n. 慈善家
hoard vt. 收集,收藏
gap n. 隔閡;裂縫
charitable a. 慈善的
cause n. 事業,目標
relief n. 救濟,救助
patron n. 贊助者;主顧
episode n.(電視節目的)一集
a property developer  房地產開發商
branch n. 分部
tearfully adv. 淚眼汪汪地

  1. it goes without saying + that 子句  不用說……
    It goes without saying that the world is becoming a more dangerous place in which to live.
  2. dream of...  夢想/渴望……
    Harry dreams of becoming a doctor.
  3. contribute to...  促成/導致……
    Air conditioners make hot weather bearable, but they also contribute to global warming.
    *bearable a. 可以忍受的
  4. engage in...  從事/著手……
    Easy money entices many people to engage in illegal activities.
    *entice vt. 誘使,誘惑
  5. give back to...  回饋給……
    A kind person always finds ways to give back to others.
  6. figure out...  理解/想出……
    Ed overlooked the question's key point, so he couldn't figure out the answer.
  7. set up...  設立……;創立……
    The foundation was set up to raise awareness about breast cancer in Taiwan.

  不用說,富人可以舒適地過生活。他們負擔得起我們許多人只能妄想擁有的東西,例如一輛豪華轎車或是一間美輪美奐的避暑別墅。然而,這些物質享受相當膚淺,且對這個世界的影響也微乎其微。某些億萬富翁私藏他們的金錢,造成世界上的貧富差距更加懸殊。這在世界上 1% 的人擁有四十二兆七千億美元這一點就可見一斑,那比金字塔底層三十億人口的共同財富還要多。此外,還有其他億萬富翁參與慈善活動,他們為了崇高的目標捐出一大部份的財富。舉例而言,微軟公司創辦人比爾•蓋茲與他的妻子梅琳達就透過他們的基金會來支持全球健康、教育、緊急救援以及更多方面。
  一個由國家地理頻道(NGC)推出的新系列節目稱為《臥底天使》,該節目追隨那些少數決定回饋社會的富人。與其只是捐贈善款,這些贊助人暫時放棄他們的奢侈享受前去需要幫助的社區進行祕密活動。在那裡,他們親身體驗那些他們想要幫助的人所處環境,並想辦法為該社區創造永續的改變。在其中一集,房地產開發商勞倫斯•肯賴特幫助 KIDS(一個位於英國哈克尼市的殘障兒童慈善組織)為身障兒童建蓋一座遊樂場。肯賴特得知該分支機構正面臨財務困難,他設立基金並捐贈大約三萬美元。遊樂場經理克萊拉•史考特—葛雷深受他的慷慨感動,淚眼汪汪地說:『當其他人看見你所做事情的價值並明白它的重要性時,一切就值得了。』敬請收看本月國家地理頻道的《臥底天使》和其他暖人心房的故事。


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