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The Revolutionary Moka Pot 摩卡壺 在家享受香醇濃縮咖啡

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The Revolutionary Moka Pot  摩卡壺 在家享受香醇濃縮咖啡
by William Ryan

One of the first kitchen appliances made of aluminum, the moka pot forever changed the way we drink espresso.


  Before 1933, when the moka pot arrived on the scene, making espresso required the help of large, expensive machines. At that time, espresso was drunk __1__ in the cafés and restaurants of Italy. The invention of the small aluminum moka pot by Italy’s Luigi de Ponti meant that the delicious beverage could now be prepared at home. De Ponti borrowed the invention’s timeless octagonal design from silver coffee sets favored by wealthy Italian families. The Italian government went to work, vigorously __2__ the moka pot, while proclaiming aluminum “the national metal.” However, the moka pot’s evolution from modest __3__ success to a product of international renown was largely the work of a man named Renato Bialetti.
  Renato’s father, Alfonso, had sold the first 70,000 pots or so. World War II saw aluminum and coffee prices soar, which __4__ caused sales to plummet. In 1946, when prices normalized after the war, Renato Bialetti __5__ the company. He focused a lavish advertising campaign on a single affordable and beautiful product. His company’s Moka Express became the world’s most popular stovetop espresso machine. Its advertising slogan was “an espresso at home just like the one at the coffee shop.” To __6__ his machine from the copycats, Bialetti commissioned a mascot that was imprinted on each Moka Express, an image of “the mustached little man.”
  Today, 90% of Italian __7__ own a Moka Express. It is also an international seller. The iconic appliance has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, the London Design Museum, and the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.
1. (A) exclusively  (B) alternately  (C) randomly  (D) severely
2. (A) promote  (B) promoted  (C) promoting  (D) to promote
3. (A) distant  (B) local  (C) private  (D) narrow
4. (A) on end  (B) for short  (C) by far  (D) in turn
5. (A) broke into  (B) picked up  (C) took over  (D) called off
6. (A) distinguish  (B) isolate  (C) subtract  (D) remove
7. (A) episodes  (B) households  (C) shelters  (D) burdens


1. At that time, espresso was drunk exclusively in the cafés and restaurants of Italy.

a. (A) exclusively adv. 專門地
The car show was sponsored exclusively by Honda.
(B) alternately adv. 交替地;輪流地
This baseball game has been alternately boring and exciting.
(C) randomly adv. 隨意地
: at random
The lead singer randomly picked a fan to join him up on stage.
(D) severely adv. 嚴重地;嚴厲地
The severely handicapped girl found freedom in her ability to create art.
b. 根據語意,(A) 項應為正選。

2. The Italian government went to work, vigorously promoting the moka pot, while proclaiming aluminum “the national metal.”

a. 一句中有兩個動詞同時存在時,彼此之間一定要有連接詞相連。若兩個動詞之間無連接詞相連,且兩個動詞所代表的動作同時發生時,第二個動詞要變成現在分詞,若該動詞是 be 動詞時,則變成現在分詞 being 之後要省略。
b. 本句空格前已有動詞 went 且無連接詞,得知空格應置現在分詞,故 (C) 項應為正選。

3. However, the moka pot’s evolution from modest local success to a product of international renown was largely the work of a man named Renato Bialetti.

a. (A) distant a. 遙遠的,遠方的
We stopped to take in the beauty of the distant mountains.
(B) local a. 當地的,本地的
In order to launch a legal demonstration, you must first obtain permission from the local government.
(C) private a. 私人的;祕密的
My boss had a private talk with Al yesterday.
(D) narrow a. 狹窄的
There was only a narrow gap between the bed and the wall.
b. 根據語意,(B) 項應為正選。

4. World War II saw aluminum and coffee prices soar, which in turn caused sales to plummet.

a. (A) on end  連續地(不與數字並用)
Jim sometimes plays computer games for days on end.
(B) for short  簡稱
in short  簡言之,總之(多置於句首)
Her name is Elizabeth, but we just call her Lisa for short.
In short, we believe that Kent is the right man for the job.
(C) by far + 最高級的形容詞  最最……
: the + 最高級形容詞 + by far
so far  迄今
Carol is by far the best student I’ve ever had.
That publishing company has sold five million books so far.
(D) in turn  接著,因此
Interest rates were cut, which in turn raised share prices.
b. 根據語意,(D) 項應為正選。

5. In 1946, when prices normalized after the war, Renato Bialetti took over the company.
1946 年,當價格於戰後趨於正常,雷納托•比樂提接管了公司。

a. (A) break into...  闖進……
I have this odd feeling that someone broke into my room last night.
(B) pick up...  (不經意地)學到……;得到……
Janet picked up a little Spanish during her trip to Mexico.
(C) take over...  接管……
The new manager is going to take over our section next week.
(D) call off...  取消……
Andy called off the wedding after he had a big fight with Beth.
b. 根據語意,(C) 項應為正選。

6. To distinguish his machine from the copycats, Bialetti commissioned a mascot that was imprinted on each Moka Express, an image of “the mustached little man.”
為了使他的機器與其他模仿品有所區別,比樂提委託製作了一個會被印在每個摩卡壺上的吉祥物 ── 「有鬍子的小人」圖像。

a. (A) distinguish vt. 辨別
: distinguish A from B  區別 A 與 B
Individuals who are color blind often cannot distinguish red from green.
(B) isolate vt. 使孤立;隔離
: isolate A from B  將 A 與 B 隔離
We had to isolate the two boys from each other after they got into a fight.
(C) subtract vt. 減去,去掉
: subtract A from B  從 B 減去 A
The costs of advertising are subtracted from revenue.
(D) remove vt. 移動,移開
: remove A from B  將 A 從 B 中移開
Mike needed one hour to remove all of his CDs from the shelf.
麥克得花一個小時才能搬開架上所有 CD。
b. 根據語意及用法,(A) 項應為正選。

7. Today, 90% of Italian households own a Moka Express.
如今,90% 的義大利家庭都有摩卡壺。
a. (A) episode n.(影集等的)一集
The device can be programmed to record every episode of the TV series automatically.
(B) household n. 家庭,一戶人家
Most of the households in this area have a pool.
(C) shelter n. 庇護所(可數);遮蔽,庇護(不可數)
: take shelter  尋求庇護;(找地方)躲雨
The hiker took shelter from the rainstorm inside a small cave.
(D) burden n. 負擔;重擔
: shoulder / bear / carry the burden of...  肩負……的擔子
David shouldered the burden of raising his younger siblings after both of his parents passed away.
b. 根據語意,(B) 項應為正選。

1. revolutionary a. 革命性的
: revolution n. 革命;大變革
The 20th century has seen revolutionary advances in medicine.
There is a revolution taking place in that country.

2. beverage n. 飲料
There will be a beverage service before the in-flight meal.

3. vigorously adv. 有活力地;激烈地
: vigorous a. 有活力的
That lawyer argued vigorously in court, insisting on his client’s innocence.
Even at 65, Mr. Johnson walks with vigorous steps.

4. proclaim vt. 宣布,宣告
The judges proclaimed Miss South Africa the winner of the Miss World beauty contest.

5. renown n. 聲譽
: renowned a. 著名的
be renowned for N/V-ing  因……而出名
Kelly has won world renown for her latest movie.
This seaside village is renowned for its delicious seafood.

6. soar vi. 攀升
Because of the energy crisis, the price of petrol has soared in recent months.
*petrol n. 汽油(英式用法)

7. plummet vi. 急遽下降;垂直落下
People realized how overvalued these flowers were, and the price plummeted.

8. normalize vi. & vt.(使)正常化
Relations between the two countries were normalized in 1978.
這兩國的關係在 1978 年正常化。

9. lavish a. 豪華的
Their lavish seven-course dinner cost more than NT$40,000.

10. affordable a. 負擔得起的
We felt the price of the car was very affordable.

11. commission vt. 委託 & n. 佣金
Karl Lagerfeld has been commissioned to design two suites for the famed Hôtel de Crillon.
Business conditions are bad at present, so the salesman’s commissions have fallen off.

12. imprint vt. 刻印;銘記在心
The memories imprinted on the abused child’s mind are almost impossible to erase.

13. iconic a. 指標性的,有代表性的
What iconic brand comes to mind when I say “Just do it?”

aluminum n. 鋁
espresso n. 義式濃縮咖啡
: cappuccino n. 卡布奇諾
 café latte  拿鐵咖啡
 macchiato n. 瑪奇朵咖啡
octagonal a. 八邊形的
copycat n. 抄襲者
mascot n. 吉祥物
mustached a. 有鬍子的
: mustache n.(上唇的)鬍子

1. on the scene  出現;到場
I called 119, and the ambulance was on the scene in five minutes.
我打了 119,救護車五分鐘內就趕到現場。

2. go / get to work (on sth)  開始行動(做某事)
Let’s get to work on this project right away, or we might not be able to meet the deadline.

3. 數字 + or so  ……左右,大約……
Sue is expected to make a full recovery in a week or so.

摩卡壺 在家享受香醇濃縮咖啡


  在摩卡壺於 1933 年問世之前,沖泡濃縮咖啡需要大型又昂貴的機器。那時只有在義大利的咖啡廳和餐廳中才能喝到濃縮咖啡。由義大利的路易吉•龐蒂所發明的小巧鋁製摩卡壺意味著當時在家中就能沖泡這種美味的飲品。此項發明歷久不衰的八角形設計是龐蒂借鑒於受義大利有錢人家青睞的銀製咖啡組。義大利政府也開始行動,他們大力推廣摩卡壺,同時宣布鋁為「國家金屬」。不過摩卡壺從地方上的小小成就演變成國際知名的產品,大多得歸功於一位名為雷納托•比樂提的男人。
  雷納托的父親阿方索售出大約七萬支的首批摩卡壺。第二次世界大戰經歷了鋁和咖啡的價格暴漲,進而導致銷量大減。1946 年,當價格於戰後趨於正常,雷納托•比樂提接管了公司。他專注在為這種價格實惠又美觀的產品舉辦奢華的廣告活動。他公司的摩卡壺成了全球最受歡迎的爐面濃縮咖啡機。其廣告詞為「在家就能享用咖啡廳的濃縮咖啡。」為了使他的機器與其他模仿品有所區別,比樂提委託製作了一個會被印在每個摩卡壺上的吉祥物 ── 「有鬍子的小人」圖像。
  如今,90% 的義大利家庭都有摩卡壺。它同時也在國際間販售。這個具代表性的器具在現代藝術博物館、倫敦設計博物館,以及庫柏休伊特設計博物館中都有展出。
1. A 2. C 3. B 4. D 5. C 6. A 7. B




「在科技業加班是常態,工時長得令人筋疲力竭,回到家常常已是晚上 10 點,只能在睡前略讀一下,成效不彰。」以上是我的親身見證與故事,與您分享。

從不會到很會,英語能力養成計畫 從不會到很會,英語能力養成計畫
大多數人在學習英文的歷程當中,有非常多的字句、單字都是不常會用到的,也因為這樣,而提不起興趣,久久不用就把單字忘光了,其實日常會用到的單字可能 1,000 個都不到,你應該從你真正用的到的字句開始學起
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日前全家便利超商導入由歐洲發起的Clean Label潔淨標章,包括佳格、聯華與南僑皇家可口等大咖食品廠都站台,近百家供應商一同響應,企圖在競爭的市場中,找出一條不一樣的路。


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